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25/04/2017 - Club History - Help!

We are updating our club's Honour Boards and are missing some information.

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If anyone could help fill in the gaps it would be greatly appreciated. Either send us an email or message via social media.

We have no listing of Club Treasurer's from 1975 to 1993.
We are missing the Secretary from 1992.

And if anyone can confirm the first names of the following people:

G. Ooykaas
H. Ooykaas
T. Jones
L. Jones
G. Ireland
S. Petrovich
J. McLelland
D. Hay
P. Schelling
J. McKernan
T. Knaggs
P. Turner
K. Feyzer
E. Fuller
G. Corless
G. Pearson
J. Wright
G. Blume
R. Frampton
G. Baker
G. Wilson
K. Young
S. Wright

E. Owen

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